Sep 16, 2015

Apples this Weekend!

We are opening the orchard this weekend for picking apples before the wind takes all of them.

They taste good but still need some more cool weather.  Please call before you come out to make sure we have the variety you want.

A few things to remember…
We don’t have a picnic area so please don’t plan on having a family reunion, our insurance won’t allow it.  We are strictly classified as a u-pick-orchard.  Also, we do love to have kids out to pick, but need to make sure we limit them to tasting 1 apple each (we’ve had problems with kids taking just one bite and then throwing it down which is wasteful and causes more of a insect problem).  Thanks for understanding. We will have trash containers around.

Please bring your own containers for the apples.

Apple prices are $15.00 a half bushel and $25.00 a bushel.

We hope to hope to have a small bucket for $8.00.

We do have a limited supply of honey this year.  Too much rain for the girls and not enough sunshine.

Thanks for all your calls,

Ken and Cathy


  • What are your fall weekend hours like? I’m planning on making a drive out from Manhattan to do some picking one weekend.

    Thank you!

  • Our fall hours are:

    Open at 8:00a.m
    Close at 6:00pm

    Just be sure to call before you make the drive over to make sure we have enough supply!

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