2014 Season at the Orchard

Summer is almost officially here, and we are looking forward to seeing all of our orchard friends again this year.  It has been a long, cold and dry winter, but we’re glad to see the rain again.

The apple trees look great right now; only time will tell if they can keep their apples.

Unfortunately, the peach trees lost all their fruit with the late spring frost. And, sadly, we won’t have blackberries either due to the frost. The good news is that the blackberry plants are not dead, and we should have a crop for next year, 2015.

It seems like this drought has been very hard on our part of the county and with it we have lost a few trees and the pond is slowly drying up. The Bees are working hard to make honey. With more rain we should get a good honey crop.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the mild weather. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the fall apple crop.

~Kenny & Cathy





Jun 11, 2014

Apple Update Sept. 28, 2013

What a day we had on Friday, we have pretty much sold out of apples for the year.  We had a fantastic turnout for the day, and I am sorry to say we just have very few left.  Please call first and we will let you know what we have left.  Call 785-246-1442.
Kenny & Cathy
Sep 28, 2013

Apples and Pumpkins

The apples are ready for picking this weekend, Sept 27,28, and 29th, or until they are all gone for the year.  The trees are not full but we do have a nice crop of apples.  The price will be $23.00 for a bushel and that includes the tax.  We have pumpkins this year and the largest sell for $6.00.  The smaller ones for $4.00.  We will be here all weekend.  Thanks for all the calls on apples.
Kenny and Cathy
Sep 23, 2013

Apple Update

We’re all ready for apple-picking time, but unfortunately they aren’t cooperating yet. The pics show what they look like now – they should be a deep red for good flavor and I’m sorry to say they just aren’t there yet.

It could be at least two more weeks, we just don’t know for sure. We need some cool weather for them to finish. Please call or keep watching our website for when they will be ready.

Have a great weekend.

~Kenny & Cathy
(785) 246-1442




Sep 13, 2013

Coming Soon…

The apples are getting close; we are thinking at least two, possibly three weeks before they will be ready for picking.  They are turning but they still don’t have any flavor.

The pumpkins are looking pretty good. We had a small problem with two dogs running through the plants at night, but we solved that issue!

I know a lot of you have had lots of rain, but we haven’t been as fortunate. When Topeka got 2 inches, we got 1/4 inch.  We did get rain but not enough to get out of the drought so the fruit will not be as big as we would like. At least we will have some.

We still have a good supply of honey.  Call or e-mail if you have any questions about the apples or pumpkins.





Aug 24, 2013

Blackberry update

The Blackberries are slowing down, but we should have them for at least two more weeks. They are still looking good but not as many.

We will be here all weekend for picking. You might want to call just to be safe though. Unless we have a real downpour the ground will be fine.

Thank you to all the great new friends we have made this year.
Cathy and Kenny 785-246-1442.

Aug 1, 2013


The blackberries are getting closer! There are a few that are ripe now and we are thinking there will be some ready for this weekend starting Friday July 12th. They will be limited in the beginning but with two hundred plants this year there will eventually be lots and lots!

The price will be $4.25 a pint tax included. I will have the bucket special again this year. If you pick a bucket it is approx. 7 pints and the cost of it is $21.00.

Please call first to make sure the berries are ripe and ready. With the heat expected this weekend come as early as you want; we will be up.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Our hours will be very flexible to work with you. We should be here daily please call though just to be safe. ~Kenny & Cathy  (785) 246-1442


Jul 8, 2013

June 29 Update

The Blackberries are growing and getting closer to ripening. We are hoping they will be ready in the next couple of weeks.

The new ones planted last year will be ready before the triple crown will be. It is hard to tell what the size will be on the Ouachita’s because this is their first year of producing.

Also, we would like to introduce the newest member of the Hamilton family! We recently adopted a shelter pup from the Jackson County Humane Society. Her name is Popi and we look to enjoy her company for a long time.

Call us anytime to check on the berries.

~Kenny & Cathy



Jun 29, 2013

2013 Season at the Orchard

It’s a new year at 86th Street Orchard, and with luck, a better year than the last one. We had a long cold winter and it has delayed everything this year by at least three to four weeks.

Our Blackberries will not be ready until at least mid to late July. The cherries did get frosted out again this year but that just happens–Mother Nature is in control. The apples are looking great and the Bees have been busy. With luck we will have honey about the time the Blackberries are ready.

Check with us anytime on availability of products.

~Kenny & Cathy





Jun 15, 2013

October 2012 Update

The Frost finished the Apple picking for the year. Kenny and I picked what was left on Saturday before the frost. And unfortunately, the pumpkins aren’t going to be very good. We have a few but not enough to sell.

We have decided to close the Orchard for the year. Despite the weather we have had this year, we are very pleased with the crops we did have.

The Blackberries were fantastic and next year we will have an additional 100 plants. I told Kenny that is enough, but with him you never know!

The Tomatoes were good and the corn was fair. The peaches were slim and cherries got hit by an early wind and rain storm. The apple trees were loaded but the extreme heat and lack of rain made for a smaller apple.

The Bees worked hard to keep water and food for their own use so Honey production was way down.

Next year will be a new year and hopefully a better one.

Thanks to all of the new friends we made this year. We will start updates again in the spring. Remember everything was early this year so who knows what next year will bring! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cathy and Kenny

Oct 9, 2012