Apples this weekend!

The Apples are ready for picking starting Friday Sept. 21st. They are not very pretty this year and not the biggest we have had. Because of the size and quality we have decided to price them at $15.00 a bushel, $9.00 a half bushel.

If you want to purchase the baskets it will be an additional $2.50. Othewise we will have some boxes. Please call to make sure we are here. 785-246-1442.

The weather played a role in the quality of the apples so that is why we decided on the lower price. They will make good applesauce and pie apples.

We still are not getting the rain we need to help the trees. It just seems to split and go all around us. We are hoping for a wet fall and wet winter.

Thanks for all the calls we have had.

Cathy and Kenny

Sep 17, 2012

August Update

Rain, Rain, please dont go away!  Kenny and I wanted to let everyone know that we should have apples in a few weeks.  They are trying to turn but not very fast.  The apples will be small because of the drought.  Kenny has been watering but the extreme heat and no rain just made for a smaller apple.

The Honey harvest didnt give us much honey this year.  Too hot and the Bee’s just couldnt find the flowers.  Kenny has already started feeding the Bee’s.  Honey prices are up a little over last year.

The pumpkins are looking good again this year.  They should be in good shape by mid-October.

We’ll let you know when apples are ready.



Aug 26, 2012

July 13 Update

We have tomatoes for sale – call Cathy or Kenny for details: (785) 246-1442

Jul 13, 2012

June 30 Update

We think there’s still another week or so left of blackberry picking so give us a call if you’d like to come out this weekend or over the holiday next week. We will be open on the 4th.

(785) 246-1442, Cathy or Kenny

We have run out of sweet corn.

Jun 30, 2012

More Blackberries

What a great first week we had for Blackberry picking! We got to meet lots of great people and enjoyed visiting with them.

There are lots of berries left and because of the heat we have decided that the earlier the better for picking.  Give us a call and we will be open as early as you want.  Wednesday is still the only late day (we’re open after noon).

If you prefer that we pick the berries for you just call ahead and let us know–no extra charge.

Thanks to all of you,

Kenny & Cathy


Jun 26, 2012

Blackberries and Sweet Corn

Blackberries are ripening now! Call ahead if you want to come out this weekend to pick. They are $4.25 for a pint container, tax included.

They are in limited supply as they ripen so please call first before heading out to the orchard for picking.

We also have sweet corn for $3.25 a dozen.

Click for Orchard hours, Summer 2012


Jun 20, 2012

June Update

Blackberries are getting closer. They are turning bright red, the next color will be black. Hopefully in the next week to ten days they will be ready. Last year it was not til mid July. One or two have turned Black and they are good.

The grapes are looking great and are growing bigger every day. The apples are loaded and growing too.

We should have extra sweet corn to sell this year. It will be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Jun 9, 2012

Budding and Blooming

The blackberries are looking great; they are ahead of last year by a few weeks. We will have 100 plants this year to pick from. Please keep checking the website as to when they will be ripe and ready. The apples are looking great too. The trees are loaded this year and Kenny has been spraying every two weeks so they should be bug free. The grapes are doing super also. Tanker likes to lay in the grapes to keep out the birds. Have a great Memorial Day.

Kenny & Cathy

May 25, 2012

Spring is here!

It’s a new season at the Orchard, and all looks great.  It is May 1st and we haven’t had that late frost.  All the trees have budded and fruit is on the trees.  Everything is at least two to three weeks ahead of last year.

Blackberries will be the first fruit to produce this year.  They could be ready by mid to late June.  We will keep you updated as they progress.

This year there are 100 plants that should produce.  Kenny has planted another 100 for next year.

Kenny has been watering almost daily already because of lack of rain. We are fortunate that we can water from our pond as much as needed.

We had some strong winds mid-April that did some minor damage to a couple of the trees.  It split one of the young Cherry trees and uprooted one of the big Apple trees but thanks to help from the neighbors we have repaired both of the trees.

We lost one of the Hives of Bees during the winter.  Kenny feels as though it was a weak hive.  Never fear though, the Bees swarmed again and we are back to nine hives and probably will have more before the season is over.  We are out of Honey until harvest time later this summer.

Our best crop for 2011 were the Pumpkins.  They really did good.  We do plan on planting more again this year.

We will update as fruit ripens and is ready for picking.

Thanks for all your calls and interest in the 86th Street Orchard

Kenny & Cathy Hamilton




May 1, 2012

Check back next spring

Thanks to everyone who came out this summer or joined our mailing list. We’re looking forward to a great 2012 with bountiful crops and the opportunity to meet lots of new folks.

Please Join our e-mail list so we can keep you updated and let you know when our summer and fall crops are ripe for the picking.

Nov 6, 2011