Pumpkins will be ready for picking this weekend! Give us a call (785) 246-1442 if you’d like to come out this weekend, September 23-25, 2011.  Nothing will be priced higher than $5.00…even the biggest ones.

Sep 19, 2011

September Update

Unfortunately, there are not enough apples on the trees for picking this year. Mother Nature did it again–between the late frost, the winds, the hail, and the heat, not enough apples made it.  We’re sorry there’s no picking this year, but we will hopefully have pumpkins soon.

Sep 12, 2011

August update

Pumpkins – We are going to have pumpkins this fall if Mother Nature lets us. It has been a rough year on everything, but so far the pumpkins are looking good.

Apples – The apples took a beating with the wind storm Thursday night. We’re not expecting a large fall crop. Check back the first or second week of September to see what will be available.

Honey – We still have honey for sale. Call Cathy or Kenny to purchase: (785) 246-1442

The Orchard will be closed Sunday Aug. 28th thru Sept. 1st.

Aug 20, 2011

Honey Harvest

The honey is ready, the honey is ready! Call Kenny and Cathy if you would like to come out and sample the honey. Amazing. Ask them about the clover and how it flavors the honey.

Here are the prices if interested:

12oz size is $4.00 tax included

24oz size is $7.50 tax included

small bottle is approx 4 oz and is $2.00 tax included

Aug 3, 2011

Berry status

Blackberry pickers: Call ahead if you’d like to come out and pick.

We are sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to pick for the past few days but we had some concerns about the berries. Some of the bushes were showing signs of damage and we wanted to be safe and make sure the berries were of good quality. We’ve had them inspected and they are fine. Apparently there was some damage from frost this spring that only shows up when the berries are mature but most weren’t affected and they are fine to pick and eat.

Call (785) 246-1442 to arrange a time.

Jul 21, 2011

Blackberry update

The blackberries are starting to turn…hopefully they’ll ripen over the next week.

Contact us if you’d like to come out for picking.

Pic from 6/25/11


Jun 26, 2011

Summer 2011 Hours

Our summer hours will be:

Monday: 9am – dark
Tuesday: 9am – dark
Wednesday: 9am – dark
Thursday: 9am – dark
Friday: 9am – dark
Saturday: 9am – dark
Sundays: 1pm – dark

Please call ahead to check fruit availability (leave a message as we may be outside working!).

Closed holidays.


Jun 14, 2011


The blackberries are almost ready – we think in a week or 10 days so contact us if you’d like to come out.

Unfortunately, our cherries were damanged by wind and hail earlier this spring so we won’t have a crop this year.

Jun 11, 2011

A new season at the Orchard!

Kenny and I would like to thank all the wonderful patrons who visited us last year at the orchard. It was fun to meet so many great people from all around. We feel it was a very positive first season for the orchard. With luck and lots of hard work we should have a good year this year too! The trees were full of blooms this spring and the bees were out in full force to do their job.

Last year we had 5 bee hives and decided to get 1 more. We figured that 6 hives would be a good number to stop at, but the bees had different ideas! They decided they wanted three more so they swarmed and we now have a total of 9 hives! If all goes well we should be able to get honey from at least 5 of the hives later this summer.

Kenny has also planted 50 more blackberry bushes. Last year’s bushes should start producing sometime in June.

We are hoping to add a small pumpkin patch for the kids this year. The ground is tilled and ready to go. We will plant the pumpkins in late June.

We’re looking forward to a great summer and fall season. If you’re on our mailing list we’ll let you know when crops are ready!


May 22, 2011